Monday, July 4, 2011

School Girl Frock: Chocolate Cupcake Dress with Keyhole Hanger

School Girl Frock

Embroidery Detail

Back of Dress

Dress on Magnolia #1
School Girl Frock: Chocolate Cupcake Dress with Keyhole Hanger

~ This is a yummy confection of a dress for Peony, Biscuit or Magnolia!
~ It is an original design by Bebe inspired by memories of her first day of school in the first grade AND a certain chocolate cupcake found in many a lunch schoolbag!. The dress is made of a dark brown chocolate print, that has tiny white dots. The collar white Swiss Batiste, featuring a hand embroidered motif, the same design as the white dots on the fabric. There is tiny white rick rack at the hem of the dress. It snaps in the back with two tiny snaps.
~ Washing is not recommended.
~Doll dress not intended for children’s play.
~The dress is modeled by Magnolia #1, Bebe’s own personal doll (the prototype for Magnolia #2: "Summer Camp"). Doll and chair are NOT included!
~ The dress comes packaged on a card from Peony STreet with our "Keyhole Hanger", which can be slipped over a peg or wire for hanging. The hanger is covered in vintage chartreuse check fabric. Doesn’t this sweet dress make your mouth water?!   "How Sweet it Is!"


~ The Story of Packaging at Peony STreet~
When Bebe was a little girl, she, of course, had a Barbie doll. Sometimes Dottie Rose or Granny Lil would buy a new outfit for her Barbie. She was always fascinated with the packages the clothing came in. The entire outfit was displayed on a card with a see-thru plastic on top. The package was like an open box. There was no mistake about it–the official Barbie clothes were all packaged like this, and it was very exciting to recieve such a package. And-- a lot of the clothing came with tiny plastic hangers!
We wanted to create something unique at Peony STreet, so that recieving something from us creates as much excitement as it did for Bebe when she was girl. Much thought has gone into packaging the Boutique items. We have now added our own special hangers for each article of clothing. The Keyhole Hangers are perfect for hanging the small pieces of clothing on the wall, inside a shadowbox, the edge of a miniature chair or whatever you can hook it onto.
Even if you don’t have a doll from Peony Street, you can collect the little clothing because we feel like every piece of clothing is like a little piece of art!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Peony #11 --- "Sweet Dreams"

Peony #11
Sweet Dreams

Sweet Dreams
Soft Cloth Doll Set
Peony soft cloth doll, approx 11 inches tall
She's wearing an original design clothing- the One-Piece Undergarment, which is made of cotton fabric.
She also is wearing a pink vintage Crepe Fabric Wrap Robe (fabric was never used).  The robe snaps and ties, and features a silk embroidered rose at the closing.
She also wears a fabric head wrap.
All clothing is removeable, and she can wear other clothing made for Peony dolls.
The Bunny is 3" tall, made of cotton fabrics.
The Rosette Quilt is miniature and lays nicely on the Bed,
Which has it's own mattress, mattress cover and Pillow.
The Bed Frame is made of wood.
And a Flannel Bag.
She also has a documentation brochure.