Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Magnolia #3

Magnolia #3, as "The Red Queen"
Magnolia- with Braids! Wears Paper Crown,
Floppy Miniature White Rabbit

Magnolia Collector Doll Set
Hatbox for the Crown
Magnolia and her accessories are handmade by the artist.
Set includes the doll, bunny,
8 inch High Chair,
Paper Crown,
and Hatbox.
Also included but not pictured, are a cloth bag
and Brochure Document.
Keep in mind: Due to construction and materials
all of these dolls are NOT intended for children's play.

Biscuit #3

Biscuit #3, As "Alice"

Biscuit "As Alice" Collector Doll Set
"Seagull Fascinator" - 3 1/2" wingspan
Butterfly Hatbox
Everything is handmade by the artist.
Set includes, Biscuit, completely removeable clothing,
Cider Cat,
8 inch High Chair in turquoise.
Also included, but not shown are a
Cloth Bag and Brochure Document.

Peony #12

Peony #12, as "The Mad Hatter"

The Dormouse, in Royal Attire,
sitting atop the High Chair
The Magical Top Hat
Peony and her accesories are completely handmade by the artist.
All clothing is removeable, even for the Dormouse.
Hanger for the Over Coat is included,
as well as the 8 inch High Chair.
Also Included but not shown, is a cloth bag
and brochure document.