14 Peony Street  is an imaginary place for children of all ages!  It is a playful place where you will find our family of approximately 11" tall soft cloth dolls, namely:  Peony,  Magnolia, Biscuit, Rosebud (Peony's little sister).  We also make separate clothing for these dolls- their clothing is removeable - but due to construction and materials, these dolls are for collectors- they are not meant for rough child's play. 

You'll also find our wooden doll chairs, wooden hangers, boxes and miniature quilts.

Our Camellia folk art doll is also residing at 14Peony Street!  She's our whimsical free spirit who wears our signature  fabric flower headresses.  Her clothing is not removeable and the doll is also intended for collectors.  Camellia is inspired by the old fashioned "boudoir" dolls that were displayed on beds years ago.  Camellia wears fashions from the 1940 through 1960 era, where we think classic fashions originated for all time.  The glam fashion designers for the stars like Edith Head, Coco Chanel, Cristobal Balenciaga, Christian Dior and Givenchy are some of our favorites.

We also offer "Peony for Playtime"  which is our doll for children to play with.  We recommend ages 12 and up, and make them child safe- like your grandmother would make for you.   She has removable clothing and any child would love to hug her and hold her and make her their own!