Friday, September 20, 2013

All About........Peony

Peony #1
The desire to create Peony came out of a desire to create a classic, collectible doll.  She was inspired by a little girl- me.  I know, it's sort of self-centered, but so what?  You start from what you know, and that was me- I know me.
Here's her little story:
"Peony is a little girl who was born near the prairie and plains of the northern midwest, somewhere near a big, beautiful peony farm.    She loved to see the blooms every spring as she and her family rode by.    There were millions and millions of flowers blooming in the fields! It was a dream you could not imagine.   Of course, she is named after this beautiful flower.

The prairies surrounding the peony farm were awesome to behold. The wind swept through the growing wheat and rye, making waves in the fields. When a thunderstorm came up, you could see it coming from miles and miles away, for the prairies are very flat. It was really so beautiful. 

But winter is cold there! So her family moved south, where the weather is warmer and the farming is easier. Little Peony became a transplant at an early age. Now she is a little Southern Belle!

Peony and her family moved around a lot before settling. That is why she is a little bit cosmopolitan. She likes all kinds of music, and she herself likes to sing and dance a little bit. She is a bit on the dramatic side, and likes to perform in plays, because she likes to wear different costumes. She loves to dress up! She is a Belle after all! "

Through this process of creating Peony,
I found I had multiple personalities,
who were anxious to appear.
More about them later, but for now,
we're showing all the Peony dolls that have been made so far.
We often like to use Peony as a prop with other things we make.
This is her with our Baby Laundry Mini quilt design.
Peony #3:  "Summer Birthday"
Fashioned after moi, complete with Paper Party Hat Crown, Layer Cake Mini Quilt,
and cupcake Hatbox.  She wears a party dress and Pantaloons.
Peony #4:  "Paris in the Fall"
This was a fun one to make!  She wears a baby doll style dress, jodhpur style bloomers, and a jacket along with a triangle shawl/scarf.  Her mini quilt is called "Apricot Tarte" with dime sized "tarts" and tiny scallops around the middle of the quilt.  Her steamer trunk holds her passport and some postcards from Paris.  As with all the dolls, she came packaged in a fabric bag.  This one had Eiffel Towers printed on the fabric.  Oh yes-- she also had a necklace.
Peony #4 Trunk with Passport and postcards
Peony #5:  "As Heidi"
We LOVE Heidi- the book inspired this doll set. She's complete with her
little Swiss outfit and she came complete with little Swanli, the goat.

She wears a pretty dress with bloomers underneath;
there's hand crocheted edging on her sleeves;
her mini quilt is hand appliqued alpine flowers with a ruched border;
Her vest is vintage black velvet; and she has a scarf that can also be tied around her neck.
Swanli has a bell around her neck.
 Peony #5:  "Summer Picnic"
This little gem was inspired by the picnics I used to have with
my mother.  This was when I was too little to go to school yet, so we'd have
chocolate milk and sandwiches wrapped in waxed paper,
as we sat on a cloth in the back yard.
She also came with a trunk that holds the picnic cloth,
a miniature pinwheel and a scrapbook.
She wore a triangle scarf, a sleeveless top and "pedal pusher" pants (they're
called "capri's" now). 
Peony #7:  "Summer Birthday" {#2}
We loved Peony #3, so much, we couldn't part with her,
so we had to make Peony #7 just like her, with some
minor differences.  She's Adorable!
We made her hatbox with scallops along the edge.....
....and put a pretty brad on her crown instead of a butterfly.....

Her quilt is a tiny bit different, but essentially the same.
Peony #8:  "Rodeo Rose"
Oh My Goodness, this one is soo special!
She not only has a Hobby Horse, she has a lasso, wears Chaps, a Bandana, and a Cowboy Hat! Not to mention her hand embroidered Center Medallion quilt and Hatbox.
Did I mention that all Peony doll clothing is removeable?  Yes!!  They are not sewn to the dolls- and the clothing will fit all the dolls of this design- so you can interchange outfits if you want to.

 Peony #9:  "Budding Artist"
We LOVE this little Beauty!  She is inspired by the artwork of
Linda Carter Holman.
The little Red Shoes can actually be placed on her feet.
This is our first Swiss Batiste fabric dress.  We love this fabric!

This was the start of making our little wooden chairs.
Linda's work often features a Red Chair in her paintings.  LOVE IT!

This is Peony's little painting:  "Oak Hill Nursery." 
Oh, we also made the easel!!
Peony #10: "Winter Fun"
This one is nearly a masterpiece!

Wool jacket, hand crocheted button loops, Fur muff, Puffed skirt with suspenders, leggings, leather boots with fur trim, wool hand beaded and embroidered mini quilt, hatbox and fur trimmed hat.

How sweet it is!!!!
More photos, please!

Hand made wool "beads" attached to bottom of jacket.

Kiss, Kiss!!  I miss you sooo much!
 Peony #11:  "Sweet Dreams"
Then there was this little sweetie- another masterpiece.
She has her own little wooden bed, complete with mattress, bed skirt, quilt, bedding and pillow.
A mini Bunny! 
She had a head wrap, and a pink duster, with a one-piece romper for bedclothes.

Hand embroidered silk ribbon roses on quilt.

Will finish adding more tomorrow-- it's late!!
Okay, we're rested now, let's continue!
And now for a special Peony- who is part of a set of three dolls,
The "Alice in Wonderland" series.
Peony #12:  "Peony as the Mad Hatter"
Peony, little miss "drama queen", just had to be the Mad Hatter.
Here she is, sitting on a chair in the entire outfit, along
with her little Scottish Dormouse friend.
We had great fun making the little mouse!
And all the details of Peony's outfit.
You just won't believe all the details.  There's the short/long jacket with lapel button, and it has it's own coat hanger; there's a laced short sleeved blouse, and high-waisted pants, with tiny beads along the side seams.  What about that hat?!  It has it's own hatbox.
How Sweet!
All clothing is removable, even for the Dormouse.
Love them!
Peony #13:  "May Flowers and Baskets"
Here's a great hatbox for you.  It's pretty large. 
Wonder what's inside?
A wide-brimmed hat, what else?
It belongs to this little Victorian inspired cutie.
Here's the entire set.  Get a load of that little quilt!  Really sweet mini baskets- hand appliqued to the quilt, and hand quilted.


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